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Ann & Bill Salerno

The Bill and Ann Salerno Memorial Fund

Bill, "W2ONV", passed away on Sunday, August 12, 2007. He had been fighting a battle with scleroderma for the past year. Unfortunately, his form of the disease was somewhat aggressive and atypical. His disease morphed into several other immune-related diseases in the last months of his life causing the disease to rapidly progress. He will be greatly missed.

Bill's interest in radio spanned a lifetime. When one reads the definition and intent of ham radio, W2ONV was a stellar example. He took pride in his international community of friends and looked at them as his extended family. In honor of Bill (the original and quintessential W2ONV - ONE - NICE - VOICE) the call sign "W2ONV" has been transferred to Bill's son William D. Salerno. 

Ann Salerno, Bill's adoring wife of over 57 years and loving mother of William D. Salerno passed away on July 10, 2009, of complications of a chronic illness. The Salerno household was defined by her gracious hospitality and caring for both their local and international neighbors. The "Bill Salerno (W2ONV) and Ann Salerno Memorial Fund of the ARRL" has been established to foster the development of youth in amateur radio. Donations are being accepted directly to the ARRL. Donations can be mailed directly mail to the ARRL (the ARRL notifies the family of all contributions):

The Bill Salerno (W2ONV) and Ann Salerno Memorial Fund of the ARRL—225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111

In 2008, the "Bill Salerno (W2ONV) – Memorial Scholarship" was established through the ARRL Foundation. In 2010, the "Bill Salerno (W2ONV) and Ann Salerno – Memorial Scholarship" began sponsoring 2 scholarships yearly. Details for the college scholarships are available on the ARRL Foundation web site. Our congratulations to past scholarship recipients:

  • Christopher Harper, KG5TIO, 2023 Scholarship Recipient
  • Kathyrn Victor, KD2WTM, 2023 Scholarship Recipient
  • Dylan Medici, K2EVE,  2021 Scholarship Recipient
  • Lukas Severinghaus, KK6AXQ, 2021 Scholarship Recipient
  • Gabrielle Corentto, KD2GAB, 2020 Scholarship Recipient
  • Jonathan Z. Keiser, AG5SY, 2020 Scholarship Recipient
  • Heather Glass, K6HEY, New Orleans, LA, 2019 Scholarship Recipient
  • Jonathan Stone, KF5COP, Harrison, AR, 2019 Scholarship Recipient
  • Elizabeth Cowley, KD0KQX, Ames, Iowa, 2018 Scholarship Recipient
  • Samuel E. Fitzgerald, N8FPR,  Lansing, MI, 2018 Scholarship Recipient
  • Jonathan Z. Kayne, KM4CFT, Candler, NC, 2017 Scholarship Recipient
  • William J. Neely, KC3EAD, Selbyville, DE, 2017 Scholarship Recipient
  • Brandon Graham, W0GPR, 2016 Scholarship Recipient
  • Brian Nuss, WH6ETE, 2016 Scholarship Recipient
  • Joseph Felkins, KK4KSK, 2015 Scholarship Recipient
    Kyle Clever, KC2RQO, 2015 Scholarship Recipient
    Steve Young, KC9ENO, 2014 scholarship recipient
    Jacob Tavenner, KB3SLL, 2014 Scholarship Recipient
    Monica Hernden, KD8GGB, 2013 Scholarship Recipient
  • Gregory Burkhart, KC0IID, 2012 Scholarship Recipient
  • William Lian Kelly, KD0HDF, 2012 Scholarship Recipient
  • Morgan Burcham, KE5VFK, 2011 Scholarship Recipient
  • Alex Brech, KC0YLD, 2011 Scholarship Recipient
  • Sarah E. Stanley, KE5WEJ, 2010 Scholarship Recipient
  • Jacob Wagner, KD8CDC, 2010 Scholarship Recipient
  • Scott Button, KF3CP, 2009 Scholarship Recipient
  • Graham Sawyer, KC0YGT, 2008 Scholarship Recipient

On behalf of Bill and Ann's family, we thank all of you for your support and concern. 73's from Studio B, a farewell salute to W2ONV by John/K3UR.

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